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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Feingold's da man

Just as every son thinks he has the worlds greatest father I think I might e lucky enough to have the best senator currently serving. Read Senator Feingold's speech here and you'll understand why.

Hell, if the guy wanted to be president I'd support him; he's got more backbone than any 3 other senators except McCain, in my mind.

His ability to ignore partisan politics and not vote to throw out the Clinton impeachment trial until he heard all the facts and then vote against both counts of impeachment afterwards shows he can buck the party line, just as his lone vote against the Patriot Act shows he's hard to intimidate. He's what I like to consider myself, an independent moderate progressive, what's not to like?

Any anyone that wins by a 12% margin in his most recent election definitely has the support of his home state. What did Bush have nationally? Oh yeah, 1%.


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