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Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Hardliner elected as pope

In a move bound to thrill fundimentalists everywhere the Vatican has elects Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, 78 to the position of Pope. With the self-selected name of Pope Benedict XVI Cardinal Ratzinger hopes to position himself as "a simple and humble worker". How easy this is going to be for him remains the question, but I have my doubts.

The modern world is increasingly ill-suited for fundimentalists of Benedict's sort. In his 20 year tenure in the position as head of the congregation of the Doctrine of the Faith in the Vatican Benedict was a strong guardian of conservative orthodoxy. He's sure to continue the ever-more out of touch Vatican positions on opposition to abortion, homosexuality, female priests, and priestly marriage.

As if calling for Catholic politicians in favor of abortion rights to be denied communion during last years presidential elections wasn't enough... It's so nice to see that the church is still in touch with the common man.

Too bad I'm not one of them, it's these exact positions that drove me away from the church in the first place.


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