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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

How dare he!

It seems House Majority Leader Tom DeLay is behind the times. Anyone who believes that supreme court judges can't cite or consider international law/precident as part of a persuasive argument in support of their opinion needs a refresher course on judicial law.

"Absolutely. We've got Justice Kennedy writing decisions based upon international law, not the Constitution of the United States? That's just outrageous," DeLay told Fox News Radio.
But it get's better. It seems that using the internet to do research, as we all do for our blog stories, is a big NO NO. Why do I say that? Because of the second half of Delay's quote:

"And not only that, but he said in session that he does his own research on the Internet? That is just incredibly outrageous."
Am I the only person who thinks Delay's just being an ass by thinking Justice Kennedy has done anything wrong by doing his own research. The internet is a tool specifically made for this type of thing, I'm glad to see we've got at least one judge who won't completely rely on his underlings.


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