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Thursday, April 07, 2005

…My Conscientious Objections…

Apparently Crispin Sartwell, an opinion commentator for the La Times, doesn’t see a problem with people refusing to perform their job if it goes against their conscience. On face value such a stance makes sense; who would be in favor of forcing people to do things against their will?
There is one teensy weensy little problem though: These people are being paid to do a job.

I don’t care if we’re talking about a pro-life pharmacist in Wisconsin refusing to fill or transfer a prescription for contraceptives because he “doesn’t want to sin” (ok, since this idiocy happened in my home state I am more than passively interested). I don’t care if we’re talking about a deli clerk refusing to sell meat products because their morals demand that everyone be vegan. And I don't care if my mechanic suddenly decides he can no longer morally perform service on foreign cars because it takes jobs away from American factory workers.

Hell, I don’t care what the job is, what the reasons are, or how strongly a person has those reasons. If you are hired to do a job, and doing so is not illegal, than either do it or expect to be fired.

Would people even be mildly sympathetic to laws designed to prohibit punishing people for job related moral objections if we were talking about... oh, I don't know... a police officer who refused to answer domestic disturbance calls on the grounds that he thought it was within a husband's rights to beat his wife into submission and that interference would be against his moral conscience? I doubt it, just like I doubt his badge wouldn't be welding slag before the papers finished printing the story.

Seems simple to me; now if only the politicians could figure it out.


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