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Monday, April 25, 2005

Next on the docket... doing time for "maternal fraud"?

Bolton's aggressive and abusive behavior shouldn't come as a surprise anymore, but just when I've decided I know the facts one more pops up... and boy is it a whopper. Apparently Bolton thought that enough was enough (as he seems to frequently do) when Joan Bernott, a 10-year Justice Department veteran, requested maternity leave on her doctor’s orders following a difficult pregnancy. According to the Village Voice Bolton went so far as to demand that she waive her medical privacy rights so he could personally grill her doctors and then accused her of attempted fraud.

"Mr. Bolton's approach to maternity leave is: get pregnant, get interrogated, get fired," Schroeder, a Democrat of Colorado, wrote in a letter to then attorney general Ed Meese. Bolton also took the position that Bernott had no legal recourse, and sent her a letter actively discouraging her from retaining counsel. Both Bernott's attorney and Schroeder disagreed—as, ultimately, did Bolton's more compassionately conservative superiors at Justice, who granted Bernott both her leave and her job.
I may not have a womb, but this still just plain pisses me off. I'd can and blacklist his ass for this type of behavior.


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