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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

They're only building blocks

When it comes to genetically engineered foods I find it humorous to listen to opponents claim that we're somehow "playing god" by inserting the genetic code from one species into another. The latest flap involves the fact that scientists are finding that sometimes human DNA makes good source material. Anyone familiar with programming or construction understands the concept of modules. They're nothing more than prepackages devices with useful functions to be plugged in as and where needed. In my mind that's all genetics is, a combination of DNA modules which, when taken as a whole, results in a specific species or individual.

Just as eating tomatoes with catfish genes won't leave a fishy aftertaste eating GM rice with a human gene (in this case a digestive liver gene, quite useful) won't leave anyone wondering if they just munched on Uncle Chester’s liver. Hell if they didn't know beforehand I doubt they'd ever suspect. So all this uproar over “Frankenstein foods” is nothing but ignorance in action, worthy of contempt by any with a mind to think.


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